Monday, 22 July 2013

The NCIS -Gibbs rules of Leadership

I started this blog for my son.  As a twenty one year old he came to manage the family business, and needed to deal with staff, most of whom were much older than him and had been working in the business longer than him.  As things happen in the business, he rings and we discuss leadership skills, techniques and strategies, and theory that is relevant. We are both great fans of NCIS especially Gibbs.  So we are creating the Gibbs rules of leadership on the run.

Rule No. 1  Respect is not automatically earned for Y generation.
For many of the older generations - baby boomers- respect is something that they have learnt to give as a result of age and position.  This is not the view of the Y generation.  They will give respect  when respect is given to them first or the person has earned it. It is not automatically given.  Despite  these different perspectives on respect, respect is important in any relationship and is a two way deal.  Gen Y tend to show respect for relationships and individuals but not for roles and institutions. (Michael McQueen - The New Rules of engagement - a guide to understanding and connecting with Generation Y)

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