Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Perspective taking more effective than empathy

Daniel Pink:
The research shows that perspective-taking and empathy are similar -- but not quite the same. Empathy is more about understanding the other person's emotions -- what he or she is feeling. Perspective-taking is more about understanding the other person's interests -- what he or she is thinking. Both are important. But the research shows that perspective-taking is slightly more effective in moving others. So while leaders should work to understand what others are feeling, they should also work to understand what they're thinking -- the reasons they might be opposed to doing something.

Friday, 8 November 2013

What do I need to develop to move forward in this situation?

Framework for thinking before acting
Mind the gap - 
We need four things to successfully accomplish a task
1.   the skills to do it- technical skills
2.  the knowledge 
3.  the will - the desire, passion and motivation 
4.  the capacity - the mental, emotional, or physical ability 
5.  the emotional intelligence - the ability to be aware of, manage and express one's emotions and be aware of those of others

So next time ask yourself what gap do I have to handle this situation?  Is it a skill gap? A knowledge gap?  …….